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Himalayan pink salt - fine-grained 250 g

Himalayan pink salt - fine-grained 250 g

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Himalayan pink salt, which is a mineral-rich natural salt, comes from ancient sea salt deposits located deep in the Himalayas. When the prehistoric ocean and subsequently all the water evaporated, they left behind pure, uncontaminated crystalline salt.

Under the protection of a monolithic mountain range in Pakistan, Himalayan pink salt has become one of the most popular salts on the market, characterized by its unique color and clean, often very intense salty flavor. Its shades are diverse, from soft light pink to darker shades of pink. The wide range of color shades of Himalayan pink salt is caused by the presence of trace minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, but above all the presence of iron.

Since our pink salt is obtained from the highest quality Himalayan salt, you have the opportunity to choose from salts of different grain sizes. This excellent and tasty mineral salt is popular for its universal and adaptable character in an incredible number of kitchens around the world.

Fine grain: Himalayan pink salt is fine grained and for this reason its use is versatile. It is perfect for your salt grinder, it is popularly used for cooking, grilling or baking - it can even creatively diversify the edges of your cocktail glasses.

Net weight: 250 g

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