LENOA Coffee&Shop was established in 2021 by Levente Balogh, who had the idea of ​​creating a modern, elegant and simple cafe experience in Hungary and beyond its borders. The philosophy of the brand is to offer quality coffee, a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, and excellent service. We want to gradually increase the number of LENOA Coffee&Shop establishments every year and thus build a strong brand based on first-class espresso blends from the best plantations in the world, and a pleasant atmosphere in each location. The LENOA Coffee brand is characterized by special coffees and an excellent atmosphere, which we are looking forward to introduce to as many people as possible.


The Szentkirályi Mineral Water-based shampoo, body lotions, hand creams, refreshing showers, and soaps combine the essence of nature with the purity of mineral water. Levente Balogh - the founder of the brand - has been working for years with the help of professionals to ensure that the treasured Szentkirályi Mineral Water can be applied not only for internal but also external use. The mineral water from the Ice Age lens goes into the bottles under the strictest controls, and now it is lined up in beauty products alongside skin nourishing ingredients like urea, shea butter, grape seed oil and argan oil.  The Vízangyal beauty collection consists of three product lines: Aquatic Blue, Hydro Fresh and Floral Empire. Dermatologically tested.



Introducing our Greysonoil product line of natural essential oils and flower oils, carefully crafted to restore the balance of body, mind, heart, and spirit. Our collection encompasses a range of essential oils derived from plants and flowers, including petals, to provide a holistic experience.