Eucalyptus 100% natural essential oil + flower oil

Eucalyptus 100% natural essential oil + flower oil

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Natural essential oils maintain the balance of body, mind, heart and spirit. In addition to its calming, refreshing and concentration properties, it perfectly cleans the respiratory tract, so it can help alleviate diseases of the upper respiratory tract. 

Recommended for: aromatherapy, steaming, air freshening, massages, skin care.

Use : only externally! Perform a skin test before use to avoid adverse skin reactions in susceptible individuals. Apply 1 drop of essential oil to the inner surface of the forearm and massage. If you do not notice any change within 24 hours, you can safely use the essential oil. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth, if this happens, rinse with plenty of water.

Storage : in a cool place, protected from light, with a closed lid. Keep out of reach of children! 

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