Get to know the Vízangyal Beauty brand

When we talk about beauty, we usually think of the goddess of love and beauty from Greek mythology, Aphrodite. But few know that her name, issued from the waves of the sea, refers to her birth, since the word "aphros" in Greek means foam. So we can say: Aphrodite owes her heavenly beauty to nature. Our mission is the combination of naturalness, innovation and efficiency, which we envisioned in a cosmetic collection in which we make the most of the power of nature combined with technological possibilities to help the daily care of beauty. We believe that the beauty we have received from nature can only be preserved by the power of nature.

Levente Balogh, the founder of the brand, has been working with experienced experts for several years to use the precious mineral water of Szentkirályi not only for internal but also external use. Ice age mineral water is bottled under the strictest control and is now combined with moisturizing ingredients (urea, shea butter, grapeseed oil, argan oil) in cosmetic products. The Vízangyal beauty collection consists of four product lines - Aquatic Blue, Hydro Fresh, Floral Empire and Vízangyalka, which are reflected in the following products: shower gel, body lotion, face cream, hand cream, liquid soap, collagen drink and baby bath and shampoo.

We announced the product launch at a press conference. We've given you a little insight into how our event went.